The Ocala Star Banner building sold for $5 million

January 13, 2021

 The Star Banner building is one of several sold to the Industrial realty Group as part of a package. The other properties, however,  are located in other states.

 The Ocala sale was for  $5 million, per information on the deed at the clerk’s office. The package deal was completed in the last few days in 2020.

 The staff will not have lose their jobs as the sale includes a leaseback that will allow the staff at the Ocala Star Banner to remain in a portion of the building.  

 All printings for the Ocala Star Banner have been taking place in Gainesville since mid-February 2020, however the news and advertising teams still remained in Ocala. The staff has been working from home due to the pandemic since mid-March. 

 Publisher Rynni Henderson, advised that they are committed to maintaining their strong presence and footprint in Ocala but there is just no need for that much office space especially because the printing operations have moved to Gainesville. Their engagement with the community, CEP, local nonprofits and the advertising partners remain as robust as ever.

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