Creating Spaces for Creativity

January 30, 2020

Have you ever cleaned out a closet or cupboard and come across boxes or bags of crafting supplies, tools or other materials for a project or hobby you intended to take up, only to forget about it after you stowed your supplies away?


Or maybe your children ask to get out the paints or beads or model kits, but you find yourself avoiding their requests so you don’t have to clear out space to accommodate them– knowing they may tire of the project ten minutes in.


If you desire more creativity in your life, one of your first projects may be creating space in your home for your crafting, building, painting, knitting, baking, or other creative outlet– not to mention a space to store your supplies.


Here are some tips from some creative people who found ways to keep their projects alive and still use the dining room table for dining!


“I had a small closet I didn’t need. I took the shelves out and was able to fit a rolling cart containing all my crafting supplies inside. When I want to craft, I just roll it to the kitchen table and get to work.”


“I use clear plastic over-the-door shoe holders to store my beads, and jewelry making supplies. I can see everything clearly and when I want to make something, I can pick out what I need without getting everything out.”


“I love to bake but was always hunting through all my cabinets and drawers for my supplies, which were scattered about with no rhyme or reason. I finally reorganized and dedicated one cabinet to baking supplies. I organized my cookie cutters, cake decorating tips, rolling pins, cupcake papers in small bins on one shelf, and stored my trays and pans on the bottom shelf.”


“I like to do woodworking projects, but I can’t leave my sharp tools out with small kids running around. I purchased an inexpensive rolling metal storage cabinet that locks and placed it next to my workbench. I can access everything I need and easily lock my tools up when I take a break or finish working.”


“I like to knit in the evenings in front of the TV, but my kids and our cat would get into my yarn basket and destroy my work. I found a shallow storage bin to replace my basket. I can snap the lid on it and slide it underneath the couch.”


“My daughter wanted an art studio, but we didn’t have any room for one. Fortunately, her bedroom closet is quite large, running the length of one wall. We installed a wooden shelf across half the length of closet so that she could sit at it on a stool and draw and paint. We put in organizers for her supplies, and there is plenty of room above her workspace and the remaining half of the closet for storing her clothes and other items. When she isn’t using her art studio, we can shut the bifold doors to hide her creative clutter.”


“Exercising is my hobby, but I don’t like leaving my equipment out in my family room. I purchased an attractive, yet sturdy ottoman with a removeable top and storage space inside. It looks great in my living room, hides my bands and dumbbells, and can be used as a small bench or step.”







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