10 Random Acts of Time-ness for this Holiday Season

November 13, 2019



by Deb Ingram

Teaching your children to be kind to others is important year-round, but the holiday season is a good time to ramp up your efforts. You may be buying gifts for a family in need or manning the Salvation Army kettle one afternoon, but here are a few other unique ways your family can spread blessings this year by giving the best gift of all…your time.


  1. Relieve a caregiver. Do you know someone who cares for an elderly or disabled family member? That person may be extra stressed trying to get holiday errands done around their caregiving schedule. They may just need someone to sit with their family member for a few hours so they can get out of the house.


  1. Throw a mother’s morning out, or parent’s night out. If your children are old enough to help babysit, consider having the neighborhood littles at your home one morning or evening to give their parents some free time- for free!


  1. Hold a coat and blanket drive for the homeless. Cold weather will be coming to Florida soon. Now is the time to help our emergency service centers stock up on items for the homeless. Coats, blankets, socks, shoes, hygiene items, and food are always appreciated.


  1. Deck the halls for those who can’t. Have some extra light strings and garland? Why not bring some holiday cheer to a local nursing home, rehabilitation center, or an elderly neighbor? Don’t forget to go back and help undecorate after the holidays– the time your family spends with these people will mean more to them than the décor.


  1. Donate your children’s old toys, sports equipment and clothing. This is a great time to clean out and donate gently used items to those in need. Find a toy drive, sponsor a family, or donate to a crises center, your children’s school or your church.


  1. Sponsor a party for a domestic abuse shelter. Children and parents that have been relocated from home due to domestic violence face a particularly hard holiday season. Your family, or a team of families, may be able to help make the holidays brighter for a local shelter by providing provisions for a party or special dinner. Because privacy is important in these cases, contact a representative for guidance.


  1. Surprise those who work on the holidays. Hospital and emergency services personnel, retail workers, and delivery drivers are among those that work on holidays or work longer hours around the holidays. Something as simple as a coffee shop gift card can really make someone’s day. Other ideas are homemade packed lunches or dinners, gas station gift cards, holiday air fresheners for their vehicle or office, or simple homemade decorations for their workplace with expressions of gratitude.


  1. Start a neighborhood Secret Santa chain. Secretly leave a basket of goodies on someone’s porch with instructions to enjoy the bounty and then refill and pass the basket on to another neighbor. Include a holiday bow or other small symbol for them to place on their mailbox or front door to signal that their house has already been gifted.


  1. Treat the neighborhood pets to treats. Make homemade dog and cat treats and box them up in small festive cookie tins and drop them off to all your four-legged neighbors.


  1. Spend a day being totally random. Take the kids out for an afternoon of random kindness. Hold doors for shoppers, hand out homemade cards at a hospital, play with dogs at the dog park, pick up litter, return shoppers’ carts, leave kind notes in library books, take neighbors’ trash cans back from the curb, put change in vending machines, give hugs, pay someone’s tab, tell a manager how good your service was, blow bubbles at a playground, leave treats in bank drive through canisters, go caroling through the mall…Whatever you do, your family will cherish the time you invest in blessing others this holiday season.

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