Decorating Your Home for Fall

September 9, 2019

Decorating Your Home for Fall

Written and Compiled by Elle Tomaszewski,

What's better than lighting your favorite fall scented candle from Bath & Body Works, putting on some pajamas and decorating your home for the season? Here are some ways you can make your home look and feel festive!

1. Get some new candles!
Bath & Body Works has all of their favorite 3-wick candles out to buy! Go to the mall and take some of your favorite scents home with you!

2. Get a fall blanket and pillows!
One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for fall is to go to your local Target and check out a new blanket and couch pillows! I love the plaid, fuzzy blankets!

3. Put together some new weeknight dinner recipes!
It's time to go on Pinterest and find some seasonal dinner recipes! We're talking cranberry rosemary chicken, pumpkin parmesan pasta, pot roast, warm soups and more!

4. Get out your favorite fall decor!
Time to get your storage bins out and put up all of your decor!

5. Put on your favorite movies or tv shows of the season!
Some good movies are Practical Magic, Halloweentown, Stepmom, October Sky, You've Got Mail...there are so many to choose from! The only great show that comes to mind is Gilmore Girls -- it gives you all of the fall feelings!

We hope you all enjoy the holidays! We sure will!

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