Last Minute Hurricane Preparation Tips

August 30, 2019

Last Minute Hurricane Preparation Tips

Compiled by Elle Tomaszewski,

If you're from Florida, chances are you aren't all that worried about hurricanes. Still, it's best to prepare for the worst because you never know. Hurricanes can be tricky and unpredictable, so here are some tips to get you through this year's hurricane season. 

1. Water
If you live in the City of Ocala and you have city water, then fill up all of your water bottles and tubs. You don't need to rush to the nearest grocery store to buy all of the bottled water. The city water is filtered and safe for consumption.

2. Food
If you lose power, you're going to want to have food items that don't need to be kept cold. This means cereal, bread, peanut butter & jelly, canned goods, granola bars, crackers, chips, mac and cheese that doesn't require milk, pop tarts, cookies, gatorade and anything else your heart desires. If you're a coffee lover, I suggest buying a cheap pour over contraption so all you have to do is heat the water (on a gas stove) and pour it over!

3. Pet Supplies
Get plenty of potty pads and make sure you have food for your pets and any medications they may need! You might want to get a t-shirt for them too. Some pets find it comforting to have something wrapped around their body. Check their tag on their collar and see if it's updated with the right information in case your pet gets out and gets lost!

4. Medications
Check all of your medications and make sure you're up to date. During a hurricane, you won't be able to fill a prescription. Also, make sure you have a first aid kit, Tylenol, Tums and any other necessities.

5. Batteries
Stock up on any batteries you may need! Same goes for power banks! Charge your phone and all other devices so they have full battery before the power goes out!

6. Light sources
Gather all of your candles and put them all in one place so you're prepared when you lose power. Do the same thing with all of your flashlights and make sure they have batteries!

7. Paper Goods & Toiletries
Check and see if you have enough toilet paper and paper towels to last you through the hurricane. Make sure you have shampoo, conditioner, soap, body wash, deodorant, tooth paste, etc.

8. Gas
Gas is one of the biggest things. Make sure you fill up your cars and any extra you might need to power a generator. Gas runs out quickly, so do that first!

9. Cash
It's always good to have cash on hand just in case you need something and regular computer systems aren't working.

10. Freezer Bags
Get some freezer bags that you can store your cold food in just in case your power goes out. Try to salvage as much of your perishables as possible. Set your fridge and freezer to the coldest settings before the power goes out.

Other things you might need
Charcoal, radio, hammer, nails, wood, lighters and matches. Before I forget, put all of your important information in a plastic bag -- driver's license, social security card and more. 

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