How fresh paint makes a difference when selling your home

August 6, 2019


The thought of applying fresh paint may sound like a hassle or even complicated and SWEATY in the summer, but there are many benefits that come with freshening up the interior and exterior of your home.


  1. After a while, White base boards and light colored walls become dull and slightly weathered. Especially if you have kids, your walls may even include some random “art work” from markers or crayons here and there. Adding the fresh layer of paint will brighten and revive the room completely allowing it to draw attention to potential buyers when viewing pictures or touring the home.
  2. If you are looking to change the theme or add character to a room, Not only will furniture and decorations do the job, but fresh paint or even new colors on the walls can add more character and change the vibe of the room. 
  3. There are several ways to make a room appear larger, lighting is a huge factor, and the right paint color. If you have a small room with a darker shade of paint, the room is likely to feel and look extremely small. Open up a small room by painting a lighter shade on the walls and pay attention to the lighting access in the room. 
  4. The first impression of a prospective buyer is the exterior of your home or otherwise known as the “curb appeal”. Not only is curb appeal a fresh cut lawn and an attractive entry way, fresh paint makes a difference as well. If the paint on the exterior has vines grown up on it or it’s been chipped away, it may age the home more or cause the buyers to have a lower first impression.    By: Molly Shutters

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