Back to School Survival Kit

August 12, 2019

What's Trending: Back to School Survival Kit

Today's the day! The kids are going back to school and while most of you feel prepared for the new year, here's a little something we thought would be fun to put together for your kids so you know they will get through the day!

We've been seeing back to school survival kits all over Pinterest lately, so here are the top items mentioned in just about every post, tweet, pin, blog and more!

1. Deodorant
For those middle schoolers! Oftentimes, middle school kids will either forget to put deodorant on altogether or they aren't wearing it yet. So, just in case, it's best to pack a travel size deo in their backpack!

2. Pads/Tampons
For the middle school girls! You never know when the day might come, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

3. Emergency Money
If you have a child in public school and they forget their lunch money one day, it's always good to keep an extra $10 somewhere safe so they can use it if they need it!

4. Hand Sanitizer
This one is a no-brainer!

5. Water Bottle
Staying hydrated is so important, especially on P.E. days!

6. Phone Charger
If your child has a phone and they need you, you will want their phone charged at all times!

7. Headphones
Some teachers will allow their students to work on assignments with headphones in because it helps keep them from becoming distracted. 

8. Mints and Gum
Sometimes mints help kids perform better on tests...or so I've been told!

9. Extra Pencils and Pens
Again, always be prepared!

10. Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
For those P.E. days or hot days!

Hopefully this list helps you when you put together a small school survival kit for your kids! Other items you could include that weren't mentioned are bandaids, tissues, lotion, snacks, chapstick and a hair brush or comb! Even if you don't make a "kit," I'm sure this list will help you fill your kids backpack with all of their daily necessities! Here's to a great school year!

Some fun kits available for purchase online:

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