Making the Most of Your Extra Daylight Hours

May 9, 2019

Making the Most of Your Extra Daylight Hours

Spring is finally here, but with spring comes time changes! So, here we are, putting together a list of fun things to do with the extra daylight you have in the evenings!

1. Go on a walk or bike ride with your family! I know this one's a given, but this day and age, a breath of fresh air is so good for you. It will bring your family together and everyone will have a great time!

2. Take your kids to the park! Another obvious option, but it's so easy for us to get stuck in our daily routines that we often forget about easy, fun things to do! It's not too hot outside yet either, so it's the perfect evening park weather.

3. Pick a fun DIY project that the whole family can work on and designate time each day to work on it. Whether its an outdoor bench or a a painting activity, it will be fun for the whole family and something to look forward to each day!

4. If you're an Ocala local, go check out the Tuscawilla park or go check out Jervey Gantt park! There's all kinds of fun outdoor activities in Ocala. 

5. Take a walk downtown, shop locally and enjoy your evening! Maybe leave the kids at home with a sitter and make a date night out of it!

There are so many fun things to do durng springtime and since we get more daylight hours, you have to make the most of them! Whether you're taking your dog for a walk or your kids to the park, every second counts and the memories will last a lifetime! 

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