Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

December 7, 2018

Christmas Traditions to Start With Your Family

Written by Elle Tomaszewski,

1. Start a holiday puzzle on December 1st!
My family does this every year and it's such a great way to bring us together! We usually pick out a puzzle we all want to do and then we get together every weekend to work on it until we're done! Sometimes we finish the puzzle early enough to start another one. It's honestly a really fun way to enjoy the holiday with your family!

2. Bake cookies together!
We usually attend a cookie exchange, but even if we don't, we still bake cookies together!

3. Make Gingerbread houses and cookies!
This is a newer tradition I started with family friends! For the last two years, we've baked gingerbread cookies and decorated a gingerbread house! Tips for decorating: Use a Ziploc bag for icing and cut a really small corner off. It's easier to ice your cookie and it's less messy! Also, put craft paper underneath everything so you can just roll it up and throw away after -- an easy, fast way to clean!

4. Ornament exchange!
Every year, my sisters and I exchange Christopher Radko ornaments. It's been a tradition in my family since before we were born. My mom started collecting them when she was in college and they are all so beautiful and unique. Exchanging ornaments is a special way to start your own ornament collection and it also gives all of your ornaments a special story. The ornament pictured below was given to me by my sister last Christmas.

5. Wrap presents together!
My family takes wrapping very seriously. I've always said that my sister is the ultimate gift wrapper, but we all love wrapping. Usually on Christmas Eve, we go home and wrap all of those last minute gifts together. We put a Christmas movie on and just enjoy each others time. Last year, I did the wrapping, my sister did the bows and my mom did the labeling!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
Written by Elle Tomaszewski,

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